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EEMBC IoTMark represents a family of IoT connectivity benchmarks to test and analyze microcontrollers and various connectivity interfaces (including Bluetooth, WiFi, Thread, LoRA, and others). EEMBC provides application developers with accurate, reliable information and tools that allow them to quickly and equitably compare the energy efficiency of system solutions targeted at IoT end-point applications.

An edge node, referred to as the 'thing' of the IoT, has three primary parts: 1) sensors; 2) processing (e.g. security, compression, protocol stack, data analysis); 3) a communication protocol to send/receive information between the edge node and the network. When designing an edge-node, battery-life is often one of the most important factors. The EEMBC IoTMark benchmarks determine the combined energy consumption of the platform, taking into consideration the real-world effects of the 'thing' parts: sensor interface, processor, and radio interface. This approach enables the optimized selection of the microcontroller, radio-frequency components, and communication protocol.

IoTMark-BLE Overview

This benchmark simulates a real IoT application consisting an I2C sensor and a BLE radio across sleep, advertise and connected-mode operation. The benchmark parameters remain fixed to ensure apples-to-apples comparisons, but the user may change a variety of parameters to characterize a systems performance in other modes as well.

Key Characteristics of the Benchmark

  • Provides flexibility to accommodate various communication protocols (e.g. Bluetooth®, Thread, LoRa, WiFi)
  • Portable IoTConnect framework supports any vendor’s microcontroller and radio-module products
  • User-defineable connection interval, advertise interval, I2C speed, I2C transmit size, BLE Transmission power, and more.

Working Group Status

The benchmark is in beta and nearing release.


  • Craig Giglio, Silicon Labs
  • Mark Wallis, STMicroelectronics

Join the Working Group

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IoTConnect™ Framework

The benchmark is built on the IoTConnect framework, a hardware and software API used by ULPMark&trade and SecureMark™-TM benchmarks.

The hardware test harness has a bill-of-materials under US$200 and can measure nano-Joule precision.
This chassis is a demo, not available for sale.

The host UI reports the score and provides configurability and a deep-dive into the energy profile.