Industry-Standard Benchmarks for Embedded Systems
EEMBC, an industry alliance, develops benchmarks to help system designers select the optimal processors and understand the performance and energy characteristics of their systems. EEMBC has benchmark suites targeting mobile devices (for phones and tablets), networking, ultra-low power microcontrollers, the Internet of Things (IoT), digital media, automotive, and other application areas. EEMBC also has benchmarks for general-purpose performance analysis including CoreMark, MultiBench (multicore), and FPMark (floating-point).

About CoreMark-Pro®

The EEMBC CoreMark brand represents an EEMBC methodology to deliver reliable and repeatable benchmarks.

In 2009, EEMBC created CoreMark®, a simple, yet sophisticated benchmark targeting the core functionality of processor performance with a focus on the core’s basic functionality. Initially designed to terminate the use of the Dhrystone benchmark, CoreMark has accomplished that goal, becoming the de facto standard for processor and microcontroller performance ratings.

CoreMark-Pro delivers a significant advancement in benchmarking capabilities targeting 32- to 64-bit processors. Although it doesn’t replace the need for CoreMark, CoreMark-Pro contains a wider variety of workloads to expose more processor strengths and weaknesses. Its integer and floating-point workloads also utilize much larger datasets, thereby stressing memory subsystems from L1 cache to main memory.

Together, EEMBC CoreMark and CoreMark-Pro provide a standard benchmark covering the spectrum from low-end microcontrollers to high-performance computing processors.

Introduction to CoreMark-Pro