EEMBC Brings Order to the Chaos of Android™ and Browser Benchmarking.

The BrowsingBench® benchmark provides a standardized, industry-accepted method of evaluating Web browser performance

Targets smartphones, netbooks, portable gaming devices, navigation devices, IP set-top boxes

Measures complete user-experience - from the click/touch on a URL to final page rendered and scrolled on the screen

Factors in Internet content diversity as well as various network profiles used to access the Internet

BrowsingBench® benefits processor vendors, operating system and browser developers, and system developers

Determines effectiveness of associated hardware and software components when processing and displaying Web pages – both for performing the individual subtasks necessary to display a page, as well as the total composite time for processing the entire page

Allows a user to fairly and consistently compare browsing performance across different hardware platforms running a wide variety of software browser implementations

General Features

  • Targets both development platforms and finished commercial devices
  • Local server support (WLAN and/or Ethernet) for stable and 100% repeatable results
  • Support for any display size
  • Utilizes web pages from multiple worldwide regions with a range of content and workloads
  • Tests browser features that affect performance to ensure fair representation
  • Supports power consumption and/or battery life measurement

Join the EEMBC BrowsingBench® work group to help ensure a meaningful and fair representation for your company’s products.

BrowsingBench highlights the strengths and weaknesses of all system components involved in the browsing experience including the entire system, processors, operating systems, and browsers