ULPMark  Benchmark Scores

 Benchmark 2803
Texas Instruments MSP432P401R Rev. C + BOD/SVS
Hardware Environment 
Device VendorTexas Instruments
Device Name and RevisionMSP432P401R Rev. C + BOD/SVS
Production silicon Yes
Processor DatasheetMSP432 RevC datasheet.pdf
Board VendorTexas Instruments
Board Name and RevisionMSP-EXP432P401R
External DC-DC (if used) 
External DC-DC datasheet (if used) 
Size (in bytes) of retention SRAM8,192
Software Environment 
Compiler Name and VersionIAR EWARM v7.50.3
Compiler Flags--endian
ULPBench Profile and VersionPeripheral Profile 2.5.1
EnergyMonitor Software Versionv1.0.2
ULPBench Binary FileCP 3.0v: MSP432_ULP-CP_DCDC_BOD_ON_8kB.bin
CP x.yv: MSP432_ULP-CP_LDO_BOD_ON_8kB.bin
PP 3.0v: MSP432_ULP-PP_DCDC_BOD_ON_8kB.bin
PP x.yv: MSP432_ULP-PP_LDO_BOD_ON_8kB.bin
Operating Conditions 
Ambient Temperature [C]24
System Supply Voltage [V]1.800
Board Configuration Details 
Description of how to run benchmark, board configuration & rework instructions 
Board extended documentation and/or user guide 
Profile Configuration Details 
Wakeup Timer ModuleRTC
Wakeup Timer Clock SourceExternal Crystal
Wakeup Timer Frequency [Hz]32768Hz
Wakeup Timer Accuracy [ppm]+-20ppm
Benchmark Scores
ULPMark-CP (3.0v) 164.00
ULPMark-CP (x.yv) 222.00 (1.80v)
ULPMark-PP (3.0v) 7.18
Configuration 152.9
Configuration 280.3
Configuration 372.2
Configuration 4192
Configuration 5191
Configuration 6192
Configuration 7191
Configuration 8191
Configuration 9224
Configuration 105.44
ULPMark-PP (x.yv) 12.60 (1.80v)
Configuration 130.1
Configuration 245
Configuration 340.8
Configuration 4108
Configuration 5109
Configuration 6109
Configuration 7109
Configuration 8108
Configuration 9131
Configuration 102.42

Uncertified Data & Result